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Smart Circular Economy Design

Welcome to iQneiform

Shaping the Future with Smart Circular Economy Design 

At iQneiform, we're not just embracing the latest technologies; we're redefining how businesses evolve. Our mission goes beyond innovation—it's about transforming the core of business operations to grow sustainably and in harmony with our planet.

Our Vision: Sustainable Digitalization

We believe in a future where every digital step is taken with environmental and social consciousness. Our commitment to Sustainable Development drives us to lead in responsible consumption and production. At iQneiform, technology and sustainability aren't just parallel paths—they're intertwined in our journey to create a better world.

Join us in pioneering a future where technology and ecology unite.

Image by Thomas Drouault

BEM Cluster Member

Blue Economy Mikkeli strengthens water related business, innovation and education in Finland and provides solutions to global sustainable development goals.

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