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Business in Finland

Finland is actively working in business development through Business Finland which is the Finnish government organization for innovation funding, trade, travel, and investment promotion. Business Finland offers a variety of services including assisting people in

  • Exploring Business Opportunities

  • Starting up a company

  • Exploring Business Solutions

  • Working in Finland

  • Finding Needed Services for a Company

  • Exploring Key Industries

Business Finland is not the only institution facilitating business development. There are plenty of other organizations contributing to the business world such as Invest in Finland,, Finnvera, Sitra, and alike. Following are Finland's key industries according to Business Finland; collaboration and multidisciplinary work are considered important in the Finnish business and research environments.:

  • Bio and Circular Economy

  • Cleantech

  • Energy

  • Food & Beverage

  • Health & Wellbeing

  • ICT & Digitalization

All things considered, finding business information and seeking assistance in Finland does not require too much effort. Those above-mentioned links provide a wealth of useful information.

Collaboration and multidisciplinary work are considered important in the Finnish business and research environments. If you want to start a business, it requires professional skills and knowledge about the Finnish society, including taxation and bookkeeping. Help with formulating a business plan and in all matters relating to starting a business is available from the enterprise agencies (uusyrityskeskus) of different cities. They also organize training for aspiring entrepreneurs. TE Offices also provide services to entrepreneurs. When you start a business, you always need to register with the Trade Register (kaupparekisteri) and the Tax Administration (verohallinto). Only then can the business be given a business ID (yritys- ja yhteisötunnus, or Y-tunnus). This is an identification number under which the business can be found in various registers.


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