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Research in Finland

Finland maintains a high level of Research & Development investment.

Research-based developments have helped the Finnish society to develop steadily according to its future goals. Therefore, not only do universities invest heavily in research practices, but most government bodies and institutions also allocate a generous budget for conducting relevant research to ensure their competence.

Research is coordinated through the Academy of Finland, which has created a long-term strategy of support through the establishment of Centres of Excellence (CoE).

A CoE is a research and researcher-training unit that comprises one or more high-level research teams working under a common management and sharing a common and clearly defined set of research objectives. A CoE may consist of units of research teams and researchers based at a university or research institute or spread across several different organisations. It may also work together with a university or research institute in the private sector.

The most common institutions conducting extensive research are Universities and universities of applied science. These institutions promote research-based development by offering thesis projects, doctoral positions, post-doctoral positions, or hiring researchers according to their needs.


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