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Talent Club Membership Programs

Information Sessions

Information sessions provide an excellent opportunity to learn about the people who could be interviewing you for positions and more information about different job positions and grant opportunities. Whether it’s a formal presentation, a roundtable discussion, or a moderated Q&A, all information sessions offer value to prospective:

  • Knowledgeable Representatives

  • Learn About Available Positions

  • Have Personal Interactions

  • Get to Know the Recruiters

  • Experience the Company Culture

  • Information to Use in a Cover Letter

  • Opportunities to Ask Questions

Webinars & Seminars

Webinars and Seminars are held in the following sessions:

Information and Science Sessions are an integral part of our success roadmap. An information session brings everyone together for conversations and presentations. Learning is a big part of every professional life, and information sessions help our members learn more about different topics.

Innovation and Technology Sessions: are meant for professionals to come together, in order to develop new approaches to solve problems. These sessions breed other ideas and inspire creative thinkers to generate innovative solutions.

Cutting-Edge Sessions are all-inclusive sessions for improving professional talents from different sectors. These sessions enable you to identify opportunities for collaboration and contribute to teamwork success.

From Lab to Market: refers to cooperative sessions to accelerate science and knowledge produced in academic and research institutes into industry and market.


Our Networking Sessions, allow our members to make contact and foster relationships with others in their field or other related fields. The international exposure from our platform increases talent activities with professionals in various fields. It gives our members unique opportunities to:

  • Build valuable connections

  • Team up with other members

  • Communicate more effectively

  • Learning through another's experiences

  • Get the best career advice

  • Personal brand development

  • Leveraging different perspectives

  • Being Recruited in Finnish Companies or Academic


Finland is a great country and a fantastic career destination. Various reports have identified the availability of talent as one of the main challenges facing Finnish companies, especially as they try to expand and become more international. Companies need more skilled workers with different specialties than Finland has to offer. International growth requires international expertise. According to research, companies with diverse staff thrive in the global market. These companies understand the needs of different customers, negotiation cultures, and business practices, among other things. A diversity of views often leads to innovative solutions in the development of products and services. Companies that can access an extensive international talent pool are more likely to find the specific expertise they require. Many Finnish professionals also want to work in companies that have an international team.

Recruiting events are great opportunities to engage with those that are interested in the same industry as you. It can demonstrate the culture and work, as well as allow you to show off your skills. Hybrid hiring processes have gained popularity in a short time because of:

  • Global Access to Potential Candidates

  • Easy on the Budget

  • Exquisite Features

  • Hunting Global Talent

  • Strategic Recruitment Marketing

Recruitment events are a great way to learn about new job opportunities and network with other professionals. Attending these events can help you stay informed about changes and developments in your field, and also expose you to potential openings outside your industry. Whether you're actively job-hunting or just curious about what's out there, attending a recruiting event is a great way to gather information and explore your options.

For International Jobseekers

Welcome to iQneiform, where we support you in Recruitment Challenges. Are you facing the following challenges:

  • The Complexity of the process

  • Abundance of competitors

  • Complex visa requirements

  • Preference for internal referrals

  • Lack of knowledge regarding the right channels for employment

  • Expired positions on job search websites

  • Excessive dependence on career centers

  • Misunderstanding what organizations need

  • Conflating passion with professionalism

  • Undervaluing your experience

  • Insufficient skills for experienced positions

  • Using the same resume for every application

Talentum Database is a service for job-seekers. Our International Jobseekers will be verified and prepared for jobs in Finland. The Database will be visited by companies looking to recruit now or in the future into Finland. Based on Companies selection, we will contact you for Recruitment Events.

For Finnish Company

Companies can benefit from international talent in areas such as product development, gaining entry to new markets, and forming customer relationships in target countries. International talent can help companies and innovators come up with new ideas, find international partners, and strengthen the mindset and approach needed to succeed in global business. They also make Finnish organizations more attractive to Finnish talent who appreciate the opportunity to work in multicultural and international teams. Lastly, an international labor force contributes to alleviating Finland’s labor shortage.

Talent Acquisition

If there is one thing that is more important than anything else for a business to be successful, it is investing in their skilled talent. They are a company's most valuable asset, who not only help achieve goals but also build its core culture and ethos. By directly carrying out a company's mission, employees help any business reach new heights through their training, learning, and growth.

Consultation & Coaching Programs

Coaching is a very important part of your learning, in fact it is the most important component that is often overlooked. You can practice and train on your own, but to make real progress you need an experienced coach to help you.

To succeed in a career or business, all people need to have training and coaching to develop their skills, knowledge and capabilities. Whether your career is as an individual, corporate executive, athlete or sales person, coaching and training will sharpen your skills and improve your results.

We are a dedicated team to help you overcome challenges and achieve success. We are here to support you every step of the way. We understand that everyone's journey is different, so we offer tailored opportunities to help you reach your full potential. With us by your side, career success is within reach!

Our Coaching Sessions: include group activities and individual events. They are instructed for general and professional purposes to boost our member's skills and productivity. iQneiform offers a variety of events in this session, including an annual subscription and some other events, depending on the coaching programs that will be announced on the platform. Our members can request a specific group or private training. Examples of our coaching events are:

  • CV writing, motivation letters, pitch talk, interview coaching, etc.

  • Scientific article writing, Proposal writing, Project Management, etc.

  • Laboratory training includes instrumentation, safety, etc.

  • Well-being in daily life, work, etc.

  • Sports Training and Events, etc.

  • Art programs, Galleries, Exhibitions, etc.

  • Startup and Entrepreneur Programs, etc.

Fellowship and Startup Worksop

Successful collaboration is a cornerstone of achieving professional fulfillment and providing essential peer assistance. By joining forces, we create the most ideal pathway to your prosperity.

Providing business and technical support for a company is a challenging task, take into account all possible failures to run the hardware and software, understand customer demands. Selection of suitable hardware and software is not enough. The fast support is an essential factor, who can respond to user’s claims in time, be able to bypass failures of hardware and software.

Fellowship programs in Finland are available for short-term or long-term stays. These programs provide an opportunity for scholars to gain first-hand experience in Finnish culture and society.

Are you an aspiring entrepreneur with a great business idea? Do you want to test your concept and see if it has potential? Join us at the Start-up Workshop, where you can test your concept and see how viable it is. We'll help you put together a business plan, and then you can put your idea to the test. See how profitable your product or service could be - all in a supportive and collaborative environment.


Moving to a different country, and maybe a different continent means the talent may have many questions and needs. Our aim at iQneiform is to make the transition as smooth as possible for new talents landing in Finland. We have devised different services for the reception of the talent. Here we are offering:

  • Pre-Arrival Meetings

  • Arrival Services

  • Family Service

  • Welcome Event


Moving to a new country can be both exciting and challenging. According to the World Economic Forum, there is an estimated record of 272 million international migrants worldwide. By globalization, people are more likely to live abroad. The integration will be essential to adapt to a new country successfully. Whether you are coming to Finland for Mobility programs, Job recruitment, or Immigrate with your family, we are here to support you get the best experience when everything from language, culture, and ways of life can be so different and overwhelming to adjust. Here we are offering:

  • Regional Networking

  • Regional Mentoring

  • Regional Projects

  • Language Service

  • Cultural Coaching

  • Culture & Leisure Events

Talentum Journal

As a member, you'll receive the monthly Talentum journal, packed with the latest information on club activities, science and projects, grant information, and events.


Our Platform gives opportunities to our members to achieve their full potential by participating in events that help them get more recognition, network with new people, and learn about the latest trends around the world. Info sessions, coaching programs, webinars, and seminars help professionals increase their knowledge and sharpen their soft skills.

Such effective events give our Talentum a richer social life and opportunities to travel, make them feel more productive, and give them a sense of belonging in a big community. iQneiform has taken into consideration the importance of these networking and informational sessions and as a result, we have planned a wide range of events.

Library Day

Most people think of the library as a place to go and check out books, but the library is so much more than that. Libraries are important to the talent community because they provide a wealth of resources and knowledge. Books are just one part of what libraries offer; they also provide meeting space, research material, and events that bring people together. Libraries are a vital part of the talent community because they promote creativity, lifelong learning, and social engagement. They offer a safe place for people to gather and share ideas, as well as access to information that can help people reach their full potential. The resources and programs offered by the library can be divided into three main categories: educational resources, job search resources, and career development resources.

Cultural Day

In today's increasingly globalized and interconnected world, it is more important than ever to have a good understanding of internationalization and cultural diversity. This can be beneficial both professionally and personally. Having a more global perspective can help you to understand the interconnectedness of different cultures and societies, and appreciate the Beauty in diversity. From a professional standpoint, knowing multiple languages ​​and having an understanding of other cultures can make you more employable and give you an edge in negotiations or business dealings with foreign partners.

There are many reasons why internationalization and cultural diversity are important in talent communities. For one, it helps to create a more global perspective and a greater understanding of the world. This can lead to new opportunities for cooperation and collaboration, as well as improved communication within the community. Additionally, a talent community that is rich in cultural diversity can provide members with exposure to new ideas and experiences which can help them to develop their skillsets further. Also, It allows organizations to draw on a far wider range of potential employees when looking to fill vacant roles, and It helps create a more diverse and inclusive workplace culture, which can have positive benefits for both employees and employers, and Finally, research has shown that workplaces with more internationalized and culturally diverse workforce tend to be more innovative and successful overall.

Sport Day

When it comes to talent communities, sport is often an afterthought. But the reality is that sport plays a critical role in developing and maintaining a successful talent community.

A successful talent community is one that attracts top talent and keeps them engaged. Sport plays a key role in developing and maintaining a successful talent community by providing four key benefits:

  1. Sport creates an environment that fosters collaboration and innovation.

  2. Sport develops leadership skills among its participants.

  3. Sport builds relationships and social capital within the community

  4. Physical activity helps people stay healthy and fit

Whether it’s an individual trying to improve their personal best or a team vying for a championship title, competition can bring out the best in people. It leads to higher levels of achievement, both in terms of performance and creativity. When people are pushed to rise to a challenge, they often exceed their own expectations. The importance of sport for the talent community is that it provides opportunities for individuals to test and enhance their skills. In addition, by bringing people together in a competitive environment, sports can help forge strong bonds and create new connections between talented individuals.

It's important for members of a talented community to participate in sports. Doing so can teach them important life skills like teamwork and fair play. Talent communities are often formed around a particular skill or activity. For example, there might be a community of musicians or writers. While participation in the activity is obviously key, it's also important for members to have other interests and activities that they can share with others in the group. This is where sports come in.

Whether you’re a member of a talent community or not, participating in sports can be a great way to make new friends and have fun. But did you know that playing sports can also help you develop important skills that will benefit you in your career? The ability to work as part of a team is essential in any workplace. And what better way to learn how to cooperate with others and communicate effectively than by playing sports? You’ll also learn how to handle competition, both from other players and from yourself.

Well-Being Day

The importance of maintaining a healthy state of mind has led to an increased demand for well-being services. These services can include anything from network groups and workshops that teach people how to improve their quality of life, to personal development courses that help individuals learn ways to better their wellbeing both at work and at home. If you're interested in exploring any of these options, don't hesitate to reach out to us for more information.

Talent communities are often thought of as a place where organizations can go to find new talent. However, these communities can also play an important role in promoting the well-being of existing employees. By focusing on the well-being of employees, talent communities can help create a positive work environment and improve employee morale. In turn, this can lead to increased productivity and creativity, and improved retention rates.

There are countless reasons why maintaining a healthy well-being is important. It can help improve mental and physical resilience, increase creativity, limit stressors and anxiety, and so much more. For talent community members, well-being should be prioritized in order to keep them producing their best work. A happy employee is a productive employee after all. Fortunately, as part of a talent community, employees have access to like-minded individuals who can offer support and advice on promoting wellness.

By focusing on the well-being of employees, talent communities can create a positive work environment and improve employee morale. In today's competitive workplace, it is essential for organizations to focus on their most valuable asset - their people. A happy and healthy workforce is a productive workforce, and by investing in employee well-being, companies can reap the benefits in terms of improved performance and profitability.

It's no secret that happy employees are more productive employees. But what is the connection between happiness and productivity? And what does this mean for those of us in the talent community? The first step to understanding the link between happiness and productivity is to understand what well-being actually is. Well-being is not just about being happy; it's about feeling good mentally, physically, and emotionally. When we feel good, we're more likely to be engaged in our work and perform at our best.


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