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Talent Community

Successful businesses know ‌they are constantly evolving. Companies that need immediate recruitment must invest in building a talent community.

It’s important to have a guide to building a talent community as well as learning how would a talent community help your business in the long run. Here are a few things you need to know about the talent community.

What’s a talent community?

A talent community or talent pool is a group of people who would make perfect candidates for your company, however, they can’t be hired at the moment. It’s a great way to help you get access to the candidates who showed potential, those who would meet your company’s current and future hiring needs. You can create a database as specific as you want, categorizing candidates by area of expertise and availability. You may also allow job applicants to create profiles and receive notifications and emails of new opportunities at your company.

How does a talent community work?

People find out about your company and check the career section. They may also go directly through a job posting on job posting sites such as LinkedIn, Indeed, AngelList, Glassdoor and more. They may think “Wow! That’s an interesting job or a nice place to work for” However, they are not ready to apply for it at the moment. Whatever the reason is, they could just join the talent community where they can fill in their contact information; name, email, and the job they are interested in.

Why build a talent community?

Building a talent community is helpful in relieving the pressure of hiring quickly or searching for candidates with good potential to fill open positions right away. It’s a chance for candidates who are passively or actively searching for better job opportunities.

In other words, you can create a talent pool for any potential employer who showed interest in your company. Here are some examples of community groups:

● B2B salespeople

● University students

● Part-time workers

● Freelancers

How can a talent community add value to employers?

A talent community is becoming an essential recruitment strategy for employers. Many companies have built successful talent communities or talent pools and they have great benefits for potential candidates.

Here are some reasons why a talent community could be valuable for employers:

  1. Saving time by accelerating the hiring process

  2. Better quality of job applicants

  3. Better interaction with potential candidates

  4. More qualified candidates

  5. Tracking ROI and opportunities

As a result, employers would spend less spending on job advertisements. So once there is an open role, potential candidates who have shown interest in your company will simply apply or you could check your talent community. According to LinkedIn, referred candidates are 55% faster.

The strength of talent communities

Some recent surveys show that 50% of workers dislike or even hate their jobs due to different reasons such as lack of appreciation, low salaries, poor communication, or the work environment. Being unhappy at work means that such employees would search for a better job opportunity to quit their recent jobs.

Since talent communities are a growing need in recruitment, the need for building a strong talent community rises. Keeping this in mind, these are some of the points to consider when building your talent community:

Use a candidate relationship management software

First things first, organizing is key. Decide where and how you want to build your talent community then choose a dedicated candidate relationship management (CRM) software depending on your hiring needs. Recruitment CRM software collects candidate contact information, background, job family they are interested in, experience, and qualifications in one easy-to-access place. This allows recruitment teams to go through plenty of candidate profiles smoothly to find the perfect fill for any open job.

Automate communication with candidates

Staying in touch with your talent community is a big deal since it’s the best way to keep them active. In order to do so, you should automate candidate communication. Also, make sure to keep your talent community regularly updated with any open positions you have as well as industry trends.

How to bring your talent community to life?

First of all, you need to know that bringing your talent community to life isn’t a one-time task, it’s a long-term investment that requires a strategy and time to fulfill. A successful talent community is one that would turn passive candidates into active and engaged ones that will involve in your company. Here are some of the best ways to keep your talent community engaged:

1) Personalize communication

Candidates who have joined your talent community or talent pool have already shown interest in your company by becoming a member. So, now it’s your turn to keep them engaged by sending customised updates related to their interests, news about the company, or blogs related to the company’s culture, and most importantly keep them notified instantly whenever there’s an open role.

2) One-on-one network

Connecting through a talent community allows the recruiters to have direct contact with candidates on a personal level.

3) Create an employee referrals program

This is a fast and cheap way to hire a new employee. Motivating your current employees to refer their networks to your talent community should be a part of your strategy to utilize the talent community. After all, your main goal is to hire amazing people and place them in the perfect roles so they can grow, develop and thrive with you.


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