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Talent Integration

Talent Integration is required for all people in the organization, whether those who have experienced a job change within the organization or those who have migrated from outside the organization and from another country to the new organization and government. Some organizations pay close attention to the topic of Talent Integration and know that this concept will be a turning point for a talented employee's professional and personal life. Of course, it has been widely seen that processes related to Talent Integration are not considered in an organization or for small businesses. Still, to create a great experience, organizations are required to pay special attention to these concepts.

Suppose these concepts are not considered at the beginning of the talent acquisition and recruitment process. In that case, New Talents will be forced to defend themselves and make extra efforts to adapt to the new organization and country. These actions on the part of the talented workforce cause a waste of time and energy. With proper planning before moving to a new country, these things can be solved. Suppose you, as an organization, ignore the needs of the talented workforce. In that case, these issues will negatively affect people's productivity and personal experience from work and life in the new environment. This negative experience will reduce the New Talents' perception of working in the new organization and living in another country. Eventually, you will find that the talented workforce will leave the organization. Qualified crews want to feel important; They seek the result that they have been given an excellent opportunity to integrate into the new organization and country.

You are looking for New Talents in the talent search and recruitment team who can fill the vacant positions in your organization. According to the previous steps you take for talent search and recruitment, you will find that New Talents is qualified and has the necessary qualifications for the vacant positions in your organization. You will compete with other large organizations to recruit a talented workforce in these stages. What your company offers to the talented workforce sets you apart from your competitors. As a result, your organization introduces the organizational culture and employer brand in the previous steps. In the third stage, your organization provides services in terms of integration in the work situation, the company, and the country, which, if these services are done correctly, can be a competitive advantage. Your organization will not always do these actions, and companies can help you in this process. Stay with us to provide you with complete information about this.

How Talent Integration Can Improve Your Company

Moving to a new country can be exciting and confusing. Immigrating to a new country can have various reasons, including job recruitment, educational migration, Mobility programs, receiving work projects, and migrating with family. In fact, due to the need for talented workers in the international sector and the spread of news and information on social networks, many people immigrate to change their work, personal lives, and their families. According to the World Economic Forum, there are an estimated 272 million international migrants worldwide. Many people immigrate to new countries after receiving information from other countries and gaining many experiences in the fields of work and life. Also, due to the services Finland has provided for the people, the number of immigrants in this country increases yearly. We at iQneiform are with you to experience the best work, life, entertainment, and relaxation experiences in the new country.

The services offered in the field of Talent Integration are very diverse. When you move to a new country and organization, you gain difficult experiences such as language, culture, and ways of life. If you walk this path alone, these different and difficult experiences will be annoying for you and your family, and you may leave the organization and the new country. These decisions will cost you a lot; In fact, you have left your previous organization and country, moved to a new place, and spent a lot of money and time on this path. So, getting help from experts in this field is better for creating a great and favorable experience. In this way, we offer you the following services:

• Regional Networking

• Regional Mentoring

• Regional Projects

• Language Service

• Cultural Coaching

• Culture & Leisure Events

You are not alone after moving to a new country. The teams and companies providing immigration and job search services will be by your side on this path. In general, it is better to know that not all companies providing work and immigration services offer quality services, and there is a possibility that you will have a negative experience with moving. But iQneiform, focusing on professional expertise and with the help of a specialist workforce in this field, offers you the best services for this phase of relocation. These services are for the talented crew and organizations that need talent teams, recruitment, and post-employment activities. When entering a new country, don't worry about work projects, language-related services, or getting information about the new nation's culture and social and cultural events. In this way, the best teams will be with you to fully educate you about important issues affecting your work and personal life.

It may seem that your work plans to enter a new organization has a higher priority than the life and leisure time of you and your family. Still, Finland is one country that focuses on quality of life, leisure time, education, and peace. Individuals and families have a particular focus. Finland provides excellent social services for talented workers who immigrate to this country, which is why many people immigrate to this country every year.

Onboarding vs. Talent Integration: What's the Difference?

First of all, you should know that many organizations offer Onboarding services to help their new employees so that with the help of these measures, talented new workers can play a more effective role in their new work position. These actions are utterly mechanical and have nothing to do with social integration and people's individual development. Onboarding services are considered to acquire knowledge, skills, and organization recognition for New Talents.

Actions related to Talent Integration are aimed at shortening the paths after migration. Talent Integration processes will create a strong sense of belonging, better communication, support, and loyalty toward the new workforce in the new organization and country. In addition to being an effective way to recruit talented workers, these measures also help retain the organization's employees. We can say that Talent Integration helps organizations attract New Talents and keep them satisfied in the new way of work and life.

In the path of Talent Integration, specific strategies and programs are considered. Every year many people immigrate to new countries; Focusing on talent acquisition processes and recruiting new talents can help them gain different experiences. Essential services that people need after entering a new country are also considered. Targeting the activities upon arrival, meeting the expectations of New Talents, providing the necessary guidance for social-cultural understanding, Mentoring, Coaching, especially for learning and absorbing new skills, and planning important meetings are among the measures that will be taken in this field.

The Importance of Talent Integration

According to the TAM model, Talent Integration is the third stage of attracting talent. Talent Integration is one of the most critical steps that make you stay in an organization and a new country and not leave there. These actions create long-term working and living experiences in a new city or country. This is the 9-5 and the 5-9 o'clock aspects of life in a new town. These experiences may be continuous or stop at the very beginning. Whether New Talents decide to stay or leave an organization and a new country depends on their experiences relating to cultural, social, and language issues, making friends, career advancement, and leisure time. In this situation, they need to be accompanied by a team that will solve these concerns at the beginning of their migration journey. Without the support and help of an expert team, starting work and living in a new city, region or country is very difficult and annoying. Also, the speed of learning and adapting to the conditions of a new country is plodding unless an expert and knowledgeable team accompany you on this path.

Actions related to the third stage of talent recruitment, i.e., Talent Integration, will be done with predetermined strategies and plans for you. These processes include professional networks, mentoring programs, trainee programs, cultural coaching, career advice, and events and are classified into specific categories. In this way, you don't just need to take actions related to your job transfer; you also need to learn the necessary training to work and live in a new country and integrate with new subjects faster.

Sometimes New Talents decide to do these actions alone, but according to these people, complicated conditions have been created for them and their families. Unfortunately, some had to leave the new country. Leaving a new job and country costs a lot for New Talents because they have decided to leave their organization and land for their growth and development. Returning to the previous conditions for New Talents is very expensive, and there is a possibility that their last job will not be available. In this situation, getting proper and professional advice can improve the process of your activities. You also don't have to worry about the services related to your family anymore, and expert teams manage these processes. We at iQneiform are with you every step of the way so that you have the best experience in moving and changing jobs. New Talents are the human capital of an organization and a country, and creating great experiences helps organizations get closer to their goals and visions. Also, the growth and development of organizations make the country progress in global and international issues. These changes help people experience a calm and high-quality work and personal life.


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