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Talent Reception

Many people or organizations are probably not familiar with the Talent Reception concept. New strategies and methods are not implemented in all organizations, and the employees and managers of these organizations are still not familiar with these concepts. As managers and leaders must consider technical and specialized training programs for the employees and human forces of the organization, it is essential to implement new knowledge in the field of talent acquisition and recruitment in the organization. To enter new business development and growth stages, it is necessary to carry out the previous steps correctly and with a specific plan. Every organization considers the goals and vision for the business's future and workforce; remember that having continuous plans and strategies accelerates the organization's movement towards the goals.

After finding talent and hiring talented workers, organizations enter a new stage that displays part of their organizational culture and employer brand. They should have written strategies for this stage that attracts qualified labor. Sometimes, after hiring a suitable candidate, the workforce leaves the organization quickly due to the lack of proper implementation of these steps. In this situation, new talents need their expectations met and the organization's promises to be implemented.

Sometimes, talent search and recruitment are done in another country or continent. These conditions can seem complicated, and qualified, talented candidates can get confused. Job candidates are likely to have many questions and needs that need to be answered before or during the move to another country. Our goal at iQneiform is to make transferring new talent to Finland as easy as possible. Join us in this article to share complete information about the importance of Talent Reception and the various services our company provides in this field.

What is Talent Reception?

It is interesting to know that today, the global talent competition is increasing. In the past, only employers were looking for talent. Still, in recent years, cities and countries have also become involved in the talent search competition and hiring talented and capable candidates. These days, due to the expansion of the labor market and the variety of job choices for qualified job seekers, we see that organizations, cities, regions, and countries are looking for talent and attracting talented workers. These actions have become a significant and global competition; International competition to attract talents to achieve the big goals of organizations. It may be interesting for you to know that drawing new Talents helps organizations achieve their goals and helps the city, region, and country grow and develop.

All businesses have goals, visions, and long-term plans for their growth and development; Countries, like organizations, strive for progress, and this issue is on the right track when talented workforces work in organizations and, as a result, live in that country. This is an international competition for new talents that Finnish organizations are also trying to achieve. Most regions in Finland are taking active steps to increase their attractiveness to attract talent and skilled professionals.

Talent Reception refers to the actions that talents need to be attracted to an organization or to move to a new country. Predetermined programs for attracting and retaining skills should be included in the agenda of organizations and governments.

Also, various services have been designed to accept talents, and we mention the most important ones in this article:

  • Pre-Arrival Meetings

  • Arrival Services

  • Family Service

  • Welcome Event

These services are essential and effective measures to attract and retain new talents. We at iQneiform provide these services so that the transfer of new Talents can be done more efficiently and faster.

Pre-Arrival Meetings:

Providing this service makes moving plans easy. The Pre-Arrival Meetings process occurs when the new talent has accepted the relocation offer and is ready to join the new organization. During this period, side activities such as confirming documents, references, signing contracts, etc., are done. Our company will be with you at this stage so that you can start your activities quickly. Pre-Arrival Meetings may be a series of events and training that help new hires become successful employees.

Arrival Services:

You can use Arrival Services easily. Typically, when talent moves to other countries, they need to have the required work done upon arrival so they can easily use Arrival Services. In fact, in this stage and the previous stage, all documents, education, work records, and work experiences are recognized in the new country. In the following, you should know that before using Arrival Services, the complex work of residence, visa, and other such things have been done, and you will be prepared to enter the new country with peace of mind.

Family Service:

Is it possible for new talents to be ready to move to another country but not worry about the services related to their family? The answer to this question is straightforward, no, all the new workforce going to the new country are worried about the benefits for their family. We are with you and your family on this path, and you will do the work related to residence, visa and family service to be in a new country. Naturally, new talents have many concerns about moving to a new country; If some of the important actions are entrusted to capable companies, these concerns will be minimized for the talented forces.

Welcome Event:

A great work experience is formed when a unique Welcome Event is prepared for it. These measures will start when you and your family arrive in a new country and continue until you enter a new organization. The worries and stresses of moving to two organizations or in two countries are very high; Part of your worries as a unique talent ends when you realize that you have chosen a good country and organization to continue your work and life for yourself and your family. We are with you every step of the way to create an exceptional experience.

Why is Talent Reception critical?

With the advancement of technology and mechanization of life, people and some organizations have forgotten the importance of a good and peaceful life. In recent years, many employees, managers, and leaders are just working and not enjoying their lives. We have concluded that it has been forgotten that people work to make a better life. Many people have forgotten how to live a peaceful, happy and prosperous life and take advantage of their vacations and free time. Now that this view has been established in countries and organizations, some governments and organizations still take many measures to build an ideal life. These issues have caused talented and specialized workers to use the possibility of moving to other countries so that they can make a peaceful life for themselves and their families.

At this stage, what is essential and reduces the worries of the talented workforce is the Talent Reception process. As mentioned above, Talent Reception refers to "welcoming and soft landing" activities. Finland and the organizations take these steps well to attract a talented workforce easily. These measures help the growth and development of a qualified workforce, the progress of organizations, and a country's progress. Only attracting new talents is not enough, and in fact, what makes Talent Reception measures important is keeping new talents.

Different cities, regions, and countries take various measures for Talent Reception. These measures vary according to the rules, inefficiencies, and weak and strong ties in each province or organization. The actions taken for each region will differ according to the facilities, laws and strengths, and weaknesses. For example, a country or organization may have a strong brand image and attract a lot of talent without any marketing efforts but have trouble retaining them. In such a situation, more focus on reception and integration is needed.

Is international talent search helpful for the organization and the country?

In the following, it is interesting to know that talent search at the global level is facing certain complications. As we have mentioned above, organizations at the higher levels of a country, to be on the way to their goals, need to attract new talents. These actions are essential for an organization or a nation when new talents can cause the organization's and government's growth and development. International talent search will be handy if an organization can reach its goals and visions by attracting new international talent. The internet has made everything easier today, and organizations and people in one country or another continent can find each other. But the critical point is, is that job or organization suitable for you? Are you qualified to fill that organization's vacant job positions?

If the answer to these questions is positive, you can go through the recruitment process and get help from related companies to receive services related to Talent Reception. It is also necessary to obtain complete and transparent information about costs and expenses; In this case, it will be easier for you to decide. Companies benefit by attracting international talent in different fields. These topics include the following:

• Filling vacant positions that are not filled by the domestic labor force

• Expanding the global market through local knowledge

• Creating diversity to achieve new ideas

• Increasing the productivity of the organization

These are the essential advantages of attracting international talents. You are replenishing the organization's talent pool by attracting world-class talent. Some specializations, skills, and talents may not exist in your city or country; By attracting new international talent, you will gain access to the skills and expertise your business needs. By recruiting internationally, a world of options is available to you. You will have access to talented workers with the help of talent search software, social networks, and job search sites. Further analysis of international recruitment and talent reception measures will help you make the best decision and use the gained experience properly. The international talent recruitment process highlights the workforce's unique knowledge and diverse backgrounds. These actions will help improve the productivity and growth of your organization. You can also develop activities related to recruiting new talent.

The following methods will help you in this way:

• Emphasize the culture of the organization and the country

• Adapt talent acquisition and recruitment methods to an international environment

• Follow the records of the organization's activities

• Use social media platforms and sites for international recruitment

Summary of Talent Reception

Talent Reception is the second stage of the talent recruitment journey. Talent Reception is the stage of the talent journey where you get complete information about the new organization, city, region, or country you want to join. This is information and actions about moving, document recognition, family services, permits, finding an apartment, etc. These actions help new talents learn about a country's laws and bureaucracy and perform their movements and activities in line with them. Generally, doing these actions in a new place is complicated, so it is better to be done by reliable and related companies. Based on the TAM model, without focusing and paying attention to Talent Reception and transferring their presentation to the ecosystem, the following steps will face problems.

These actions help people to overcome their worries and overcome them easily. To move to a new country, new talents need to be familiar with the language and terms of that country. At first, this may be a bit difficult, but new talents can communicate better with the passage of time and completing the information. At the beginning of work, companies providing employment services are by your side to familiarize yourself with the laws and language of the new country.

The stages of Talent Reception are different in different organizations and countries. Still, in general, it may include things like pre-arrival information, information portal, open-house activities, soft-landing, welcome events and programs, expat services and expat Centers that provide public services, access to housing, access to schools, and dual career assistance. These steps in Finland and by iQneiform are considered for you, and you can benefit from the experience of a great and ideal life.

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