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What is a Talent Acquisition Partner?

Finding talent and hiring the right people is significant and necessary for an organization. Talent acquisition partners help managers and leaders find top skills for specific organizational positions. After talent search and screening, job seekers will be hired. These people help improve the organization's conditions and strategies according to their ability and talent.

The activity of talent acquisition partners continues; talent acquisition partners train human resource managers and recommend the best ways to find talent. They also establish best hiring practices and evaluate candidates based on education, expertise, and experience. You can ask talent acquisition partners for the best software or tools to provide the best options for your organization.

To work as a talent acquisition partner, you must master the skills required for this job. Degrees in business management, human resource management, and psychology are relevant to this position. It would be best if you had communication knowledge, strategic plans, and people management in this job position more than anything else.

Who are Talent Acquisition Partners?

An organization's talent acquisition partner will be a trusted advisor to the senior leadership team and the hiring manager. The talent acquisition partner will use his ability to manage the organization's external relations. He also has the necessary knowledge to advance the organization in the technology sector and new technologies. The talent acquisition partner will be a brand ambassador and advocate for diversity, equality, and advancement of the organization. By taking advantage of this job position, teamwork in the organization will grow significantly, and even people who work from home will see unique management and leadership. The human resources and recruitment team will be familiar with the necessity of having the necessary skills in this field and will spend their time with more quality than ever. Reporting directly to the organization's senior management, you will work as a professional recruitment partner and trusted advisor to stakeholders, furthering the organization's growth.

What do talent acquisition partners do?

People need special skills for this important and necessary job position in the organization. According to the research, some skills, such as speaking, leadership, and organizing, are fundamental and indispensable. Also, one of their essential responsibilities is to efficiently select job applicants by evaluating their previous experience and cultural fit. Talent acquisition partners use social networks and other job search networks to discover and attract top talent to join the organization. Some activities of this job position are written below:

  • Examining and selecting top talents and hiring them according to the considered criteria

  • Using analytical tools to provide reports to HR teams and senior managers

  • Preparation of reports to measure recruitment success, return on investment, and matters related to recruitment

  • Team leadership, including recruiters and recruitment coordinators

  • Add new profiles, update system reports

  • Sourcing job seekers through LinkedIn, social networks, and job boards

  • Talent search and recruitment through LinkedIn, job search networks, and other social networks

  • Providing employment status reports and holding meetings with HR managers and TA partners

  • Examining the training needs of human resource managers and recruiters and holding related courses

  • Identifying and creating a network with people with skills and talents

  • Planning to research the employment activities of competitors

  • Recording and maintaining information related to past contacts with potential candidates

  • Using up-to-date software and platforms to manage relationships with candidates and generate and save leads.

  • Presenting a plan and proposal regarding the organizational structure and organizational chart with an approach aligned with the organization

  • Support strategic activities such as job classification, sourcing, candidate management, and employment negotiations

  • Direct collaboration in the fast-onboarding process for senior management positions

  • Contribute to the documentation, promotion, and continuous improvement of the HR recruitment process

Necessary qualifications for success in Talent Acquisition Partner

For any organization, the talent acquisition partner with whom it works must have the qualifications and characteristics that will promote the growth and development of that organization. A forward-looking and strategic organization prioritizes the aspects of networking, salesmanship, and tenacity. As the business environment becomes more competitive, organizations will consider their selection so that sourcing, screening, and attracting talented candidates are at the top of their competitive game.

Networking is one of the most important features for choosing a talent acquisition partner. According to the resources, it has considered using them when the organization needs them. These actions require a lot of patience, and work experience can be beneficial. The Talent Acquisition Partner should be able to build a network of talented and valuable candidates with patience.

Salesmanship is another critical and essential skill of talent acquisition partners. From the tone of voice to knowledge and enthusiasm about the company, it is a selling package for the company. These people should be able to present the company as needed to customers and outsiders. Also, in this feature, talent acquisition partners can quickly sell the desired role and bring the required candidates into the team.

Tenacity is an essential and basic qualification in this job position. Talent Acquisition Partners should know that several people may be discouraged from joining the team or organization after talent acquisition. He must diligently continue his efforts and activities to create a famous employer brand, sourcing, finding talent, and finally recruiting so that a force that fits the culture and conditions of the organization is entered. A professional talent acquisition partner continues to search for gold, with a tenacity to win that shows that it will not stop until it finds the right candidate.

Is Talent Acquisition Partner a Recruiter?

The answer to this question is clear; No, Talent Acquisition Partner is not the same as a Recruiter. Recruiting is a short-term process that will end after hiring. Still, Talent Acquisition Partner is a long process with long-term goals that the organization will use initially for its growth and development. Talent Acquisition Partner takes great effort in sourcing, finding talent, building a famous employer brand, and more. Finally, from the results obtained from the Talent Acquisition Partner's activity, the desired job seekers can be hired. Still, the primary purpose of creating this job position is more than hiring job seekers. Talent acquisition requires long-term human resource planning and finding suitable candidates for positions that require recruitment.

At first, talent acquisition is similar to hiring a job seeker, but this job position shows its achievements in the long run. Talent Acquisition Partner allows organizations to progress significantly in human resources and employer branding, but recruitment will only attract the required job seekers.

How do Talent acquisition partners do their job?

Becoming a talent acquisition partner is not easy, but sometimes it happens that employees think about changing their job and attitude. If you are looking for new challenges and events in your work life, we have compiled extensive information about becoming a talent acquisition partner in this article. Each person in the talent acquisition partner job position has specific duties; The specified task is to sell job opportunities in an organization and identify top talent for each role using various recruitment methods. In general, you should know that the mission of people in this job position is to inform the value proposition of each post, hire relevant job seekers and interview relevant people to find the best choice for the job position.

Sometimes, people in this position may only focus on sourcing and talent acquisition and postpone the interview and recruitment conditions until the organization feels the need. The activities of talent acquisition partners will create a prominent and popular employer brand in the desired industry. You may be interested to know that innovative recruitment methods are used using traditional and digital strategies to search for the best job candidates in Finland. Other tasks include cooperation with colleagues to provide specific plans to achieve recruitment goals. Another department task is using external relations to improve the talent acquisition strategy and create a permanent path for sourcing.

5 Benefits of a T A P for companies

Talent search services are not only limited to recruitment. This method consists of comprehensive and strategic planning that includes many things. Examining the company's workforce plans, the skills, competencies, and experiences needed by employees to succeed in the job position, branding to attract quality candidates, managing and maintaining relationships with candidates who have shown good potential, and determining appropriate criteria for analysis, are examples of services related to a talent search.

The competition to attract the best candidates is tough. Professional talent acquisition services can make your company stand out. These people have the expertise your company needs to compete for talent. What are the benefits of using professional talent search services? Some of these benefits are as follows:

  1. It helps you take a long-term and strategic approach

  2. It makes you introduce your company better on social media

  3. It allows you to network with top talent.

  4. It helps you better select candidates and manage relationships with them.

  5. It provides you with the necessary metrics and analysis to evaluate the success of HR practices.


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