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Talent Attraction

Talent Attraction is the first stage of the attracting talents path from the point of view of the TAM model. At this stage, it is necessary for Talent Attraction and recruitment teams to take measures to attract talent with the help of talent search teams and talent acquisition partners. We have provided detailed explanations in other articles about talent acquisition, talent acquisition partners, and recruitment. In the Talent Attraction process, activities such as marketing, designing a marketing portal for a city, region, or country, events, online and advertising campaigns, branding, and displaying an organization's employer brand are carried out. These actions are in the direction of the organization's goals and are carried out for Talent Attraction.

Talent Attraction campaigns are designed and implemented to attract a specialized and talented workforce. These campaigns align with the organization's goals and vision and are formed to speed them up. Interestingly, Talent Attraction and related processes are better implemented before the organization needs a specialized and talented workforce. This stage of the talent acquisition journey is time-consuming, so it is recommended that you prepare the relevant teams for formal and regular planning: talent Attraction and all the processes related to recruiting talented people to need a general strategy. Of course, during its implementation process, the Talent Attraction, talent acquisition, and recruitment teams will review related programs and procedures and, using the experience gained, implement practical changes in the processes.

Finland is one of the countries where most of its organizations give high priority to Talent Attraction programs. Finland has moved in this direction due to the many experiences it has in the field of finding and attracting talent. Only organizations may know that Talent Attraction helps a lot in the growth and development of their business, but they need to implement these processes better. The iQneiform team helps organizations in different countries in this direction. Join us in this article to provide you with valuable and comprehensive information about Talent Attraction and the necessity of using this process in organizations.

What Is Talent Attraction & How Can It Benefit Your Business?

Talent Attraction is a set of measures to attract new talents. Talent Attraction processes include identifying, evaluating, and engaging people who enter organizations as New Talents. They appropriately fill the vacant roles or vacant positions that arise in the future in the organization. In these actions, organizations receive and evaluate information on New Talents and people with high work potential so they can finally use them in vacant positions in the organization. So, the final process after Talent Attraction will be recruitment. In this direction, the Talent Attraction teams must correctly understand the goals, visions, culture, values ​​, and skills required for business growth and development. It is better to say that Talent Attraction must be aligned with the organization's plans, goals, and strategies to be effective.

Next, it is better to know that Talent Attraction is a process that takes time and effort. Organizations should understand that investing in Talent Attraction processes can significantly contribute to the growth and development of their business. Therefore, it is better to consider formal and regular plans to do it. It is not the case that when a job position becomes vacant in your organization, you immediately seek to find a skilled and talented workforce because, in this situation, a lot of money and capital is wasted, and, likely, you will not find the crew you want. You may even hire labor, but that labor is not suitable for the vacant position of your organization, and a lot of money and capital will be well-spent. In this situation, you will have to go through the talent search and recruitment process again, which will again cause a waste of capital and time. We advise you to start Talent Attraction processes before the organization needs talented workers so that you can benefit from them at times when you need specialized labor.

Talent Attraction helps organizations, New Talents, and the government achieve their goals. Talent attraction is not only related to attracting new talents; these processes can cause talent attraction projects. When organizations are involved in the Talent Attraction process, they also find expert connections and projects apart from attracting talented and skilled workers. In this way, they can work with big companies in the country or even internationally and achieve success. The successes achieved in these processes will help the organization reach its goals and ultimately lead to the growth and development of the country.

What is the purpose of Talent Attraction, and what methods are there for Talent Attraction?

The purpose of Talent Attraction is to fill vacant positions in the organization with qualified people. As mentioned above, Talent Attraction is done by identifying and attracting talented workers. These people have the necessary skills to fill the vacant job positions in the organization. Therefore, organizations only attract talent for recruitment; in this way, the identified people must be qualified.

Organizations also use different methods for Talent Attraction. These methods can include the following:

• Holding events and webinars

• Job ads on job sites

• Using social networks such as LinkedIn

• Participation in job fairs

• Cooperation with employment agencies

• Conducting content marketing and recruitment campaigns

• Holding online campaigns

• Using recruitment platforms and software

• branding toolboxes

In the future, when the talented workforce is recognized, organizations will use different methods to evaluate them. Their abilities and alignment with business goals are measured to assess a talented workforce. Evaluation processes include reviewing work samples, people's experiences, tests, and interviews with qualified people. Talent Attraction aims to identify competent people and help businesses achieve the organization's goals. If the Talent Attraction processes are done correctly and the workforce is in the correct position, this can be a competitive advantage for organizations. You can surpass your competitors by making the right choices and hiring talented workers; Attracting New Talents can put organizations on the path of growth and development and also promote the development of a qualified workforce.

Creative Ways to Attract Talent

Talent attraction is much more important than recruitment. Talent attraction requires long-term strategies and plans so that you can attract talented workers and retain them. Talent attraction is a complex process, but your organization can do these actions correctly and, on the way, to achieving business goals by having relevant teams and specific plans. In these processes, it is better to evaluate Talent Attraction strategies and modify them if needed. In this way, you speed up the Talent Attraction processes and reduce the turnover rate of the organization's employees.

If you have specific and predetermined plans, it will be easy to implement Talent Attraction for your organization. In this direction, proper planning and timely use of resources is the only thing you can do. In this way, teams related to process evaluation and improvement can achieve creative Talent Attraction strategies.

Check out some creative strategies:

• Documented planning and job description registration

• Adapting to the needs of a talented workforce

• Highlighting the employer's brand

• Communicating through social networks

• Using the suggestions of talented workforce and employees of the organization

Documented planning and registration of job description:

If you have specific plans and strategies to present vacant positions in the organization and introduce them correctly, you will move ahead of your competitors in a few steps. One of the creative measures for Talent Attraction is to provide a clear and attractive job description to the talented workforce. With this creative action, the image of your organization will become more attractive and practical in the eyes of the crew. The job description should accurately describe the organizational culture and job requirements. It should be clear for the job-seeking candidates what the organization expects from them, the salary scale, and the company's specifications. If you are facing any doubts in this direction, you can get help from employment companies. Finland has done very well in this field.

Adapting to the needs of a talented workforce:

Talented workforces appreciate the flexibility of organizations. They tend to break away from monotony at work and be able to meet their needs in a new organization and country. This change and transfer can be from one organization to another, from one city to another, or from one country to another, so talented workforces tend to have their basic needs met. Organizations can use measures such as job rewards, on-the-job training, offering options such as working from home or hybrid work, etc., to attract talent and retain employees. These options help employees balance their work and life better than ever before.

Highlighting the employer brand of the organization:

Focusing on the employer brand and highlighting it can help you on the way to Talent Attraction. Qualified workforces are looking for a way to get to know companies and businesses properly. To achieve the specified goals and visions, your organization needs talented workers aligned with the organization's values. Your employees can display a part of the organization's working life through social networks; In this case, New Talents can get to know a part of the corporate culture and employer brand of the business and make the right decision to enter the new organization.

Communicating through social networks:

Correct and practical use of social networks can benefit the organization and job seekers. Informing about the organization, company vacancies, and goals is one of the practical and creative actions of Talent Attraction. This innovative action not only helps to attract talent but also plays a unique role in highlighting the organization's employer brand. Information about organizations is placed online and in various forms on social networks, which can help talented workers find you. Also, your organization can check the workforce through its public social networks. The correct use of social networks will reduce the costs of Talent Attraction and recruitment and will enable you to connect with New Talents.

Using the suggestions of talented workforce and employees of the organization:

One of the innovative ways of Talent Attraction is to use the recommendations of your employees. The organization's employees know the organizational culture, employer brand, organizational values ​​, and business goals very well and can make good suggestions in this field. They can introduce a talented workforce as your brand ambassador. Also, this way, you can consider exciting rewards for your employees so they will be encouraged more than before for their suggestions. Introducing a talented workforce to the organization's employees will also keep them, employees. So, using this creative method can be very practical and save the organization's costs.

Summary of Talent Attraction

Talent attraction is one of the important actions of the organization that can make the business different from other competitors. In fact, by spending time and energy on Talent Attraction processes, you can save your organizational capital and grow your organization. Also, the growth and development of organizations will cause broader progress in the country. These changes can significantly change the quality of your work and life. Finland is one country that pays special attention to this issue, so it is known as one of the advanced countries.

New Talents will likely get to know your organization through your effective talent acquisition practices. To carry out the necessary processes and final recruitment, you can get help from the Talent Attraction, talent search, and recruitment teams. Some companies can help you with this and provide you with impressive results. You should also know that time and planning are significant in Talent Attraction processes. If you have the right timing of talent acquisition efforts, when vacancies arise in the organization, you will fill those vacancies more quickly.

If your organization is faced with the complexity of the process, the abundance of competitors, issues related to the recruitment of talented international workers, obtaining visas, lack of knowledge of talent recruitment channels, misunderstanding of the organization's needs, and similar issues, the iQneiform team can to provide you with the best service. If you need to gain the necessary talent attraction experience or are looking for advantageous positions as a job seeker, you can count on us in this field. Talent attraction is a time-consuming process that requires a lot of experience, so contact expert teams in this field.


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