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Talent Retention

As you know, attracting talent is one of the most common and essential methods in large organizations. People in organizations find their desired New Talents with the help of Talent Acquisition teams and Talent Acquisition partners. They will use this potential when vacant positions are created in the organization. These actions are significant but require a lot of time, so continuous plans should be made for them. Also, the organization's goals, vision, and strategies will impact talent recruitment programs. After finding talent and according to the organization's needs, recruitment is done in the organization's vacant positions. Keep in mind that hiring new talents is very helpful in bringing the organization to its long-term business goals. Also, you will save money and time by recruiting talented and specialized workers. Finally, the specified income you have considered for recruiting technical personnel will be realized over time.

Retaining an employee or generally having New Talents is very important for the success of a company and a business. But your work with New Talents will continue once you are hired; One of the essential parts of the talent search and recruitment process is Talent Retention. Talent Retention refers to the methods that will be considered to keep talented and capable employees in the organization. Maintaining a talented workforce includes various reasons; one of these reasons is to preserve an organization's assets and save costs and energy. In talent search and recruitment teams, you spend a lot of time and energy to attract talented workers, and a lot of time, energy, and costs will be considered for training gifted workers. Considering these conditions, it is suggested that you consider all the necessary measures for Talent Retention and use your capable forces in different departments of the organization.

Also, remember that New Talents are aligned with your organizational culture after entering the company. Hiring new workers requires time and money to align people with corporate culture and goals. New Talents can represent your employer's brand, so it is better to try to retain them. Employees are considered the most valuable assets of an organization, and their value will increase with time. Talent Retention is one of the essential strategies to retain employees and create a beneficial relationship between employees and employers.

Is Talent Retention necessary in organizations?

The issue that you should pay special attention to is that organizations are made of skilled people and employees, and after that, modern technologies are formed inside the organization. So, if organizations are made up of talented, expert, committed, and in line with the company's values, and they are good workers, the organization will undoubtedly progress. It is necessary to know that New Talents bring organizations closer to high levels of growth and development, so paying attention to retaining a talented workforce is imperative. Studies show that New Talents are many times more productive than ordinary people who work in the organization, so Talent Retention, before entering and after, will cause the growth and development of businesses. If you have hired international talent, these employees have gone through many steps to join your organization; With a high probability, they have left their previous organization, migrated to a new country and organization, and incurred a lot of expenses for this move, so you must be very careful in Talent Retention; This will satisfy New Talents and show your employer's brand to other people.

Finland has promoted recruitment and talent retention as one of the most critical actions of businesses. They are diligent in attracting and retaining the talents of their organization by considering long-term strategies and plans. Finland is one of the countries that uses the ability to attract international talent for its active organizations and applies Talent Retention by considering specific techniques and strategies.

Sometimes Talent Retention is challenging because employees or New Talents ask for very high salaries that the organization needs to pay. In such a situation, the organization must also think about its other active employees; This will cause employee retention not to be done correctly or talented people to leave the company. Stay with us in the future.

Also, Talent Retention has particular benefits for organizations:

• Create more interaction

• Increasing the productivity of the committed workforce

• Flexibility in decision making

• Guaranteeing the organization's intellectual capital

• Creating an attractive work environment

• Helping the economy of the company and the country

Not paying attention to Talent Retention for any organization will bring bad results. In addition to costing the company a lot, this type of loss causes the loss of knowledge and experience of the outgoing New Talents.

How to Implement Talent Retention Strategies in Your Organization?

There are different methods for Talent Retention, which change according to the organization's and business's goals. But in general, some ways are considered to the needs of the organization and the new workforce, which causes the Retention of talented employees.

• Improving the level of interactive strategy between employees

• Education of New Talents

• Investment in modern technologies

• Removing obstacles in the workplace

• Creating a specific and practical program for university graduates

• Encourage flexibility in the workplace

• Defining and praising the expert forces and motivating them

• Providing opportunities to achieve personal and professional development

• Ideal organizational culture

• Building a famous employer brand

Considering the above will help to maintain the talented workforce of the organization. Also, some of the following items can help the HR and Talent Retention teams in this way and put them on the path of growth and development.

Present an attractive career path:

First of all, you should be able to consider an ideal career path for your new workforce. Paying attention to the fact that they know what job position they will enter and what job positions they can experience in the future motivates them to stay in the organization. Everything must be clear for new employees to achieve long-term goals and the direction of Talent Retention.

Selection of talented and suitable employees:

Keep in mind that Talent Retention requires attention to the fact that the hired employees are the best choice for the considered job position. In fact, before paying attention to Talent Retention, you must have done a proper talent search and recruitment to keep the expert in the desired job position. Be sure to ensure that new Talent is aligned with the organizational culture.

Paying attention to the job security of new employees:

New talented workers, when they realize that they have job security in their work position, will have more hope for the organization and will try harder to stay in the system than before. They step forward with more confidence to improve their performance. The activity of New Talents will be carried out with the higher quality to achieve the organization's goals, and this issue effectively retains talented forces.

Please pay attention to the requested salary:

The international labor market is moving in the direction where New Talents can specify their requested salary. Remember, paying attention to this issue can help retain a talented workforce. After entering your organization, New Talents must be financially incentivized to continue their professional path, so pay attention to this issue. Also, bonuses, commissions, and things like that are effective on Talent Retention.

Choosing the right leaders and managers:

Choosing the right leaders and managers to work with a talented workforce can effectively retain new employees. Professional and experienced leaders know how to deal with their crew, extract the best talents, and give the necessary feedback to capable and hardworking employees. This topic is very effective in Talent Retention, so pay special attention to it.

Identifying talented employees:

Be sure to note that identifying New Talents will help you to know what facilities your workforce needs, what salaries they want, and what benefits they expect to continue their cooperation. Paying attention to these points will help you consider more flexibility in your organization, and Talent Retention will be easier for you.

Show the value of New Talents:

New workforces and talented employees, in general, should know that they are valuable to the organization and that their activities directly affect business performance. If they feel valued, they will work more efficiently and will not eventually leave the organization. Attention to these points is one of the most fundamental success factors in Talent Retention.

Survey of employees and New Talents:

surveying and getting feedback from new workforces and, in general, employees of an organization will identify weaknesses and try to correct them. To maintain the talented crew of the organization, ask for their opinions and fix the issues raised as much as possible. Paying attention to this issue will increase employee satisfaction and, as a result, the chance of talent retention; This is true for all new and old employees and can produce excellent results for you.

Paying attention to the above points is in the direction of Talent Retention. Finally, you should know that Talent Retention saves the organization's money and energy, and organizations will move towards achieving their goals. It is only necessary to focus on actions related to Talent Retention are long-term activities that require a lot of time and energy to implement.

The effects of Talent Retention for the organization are as follows:

• Improving the organization's internal communication process

• Creating a sense of meritocracy among employees and New Talents

• Improving the staff leadership process

• Improve feedback culture

• Creating an excellent and professional work environment

In this section, with the help of HR teams, talent search, talent search partners, and management software, you can check the processes carried out in the field of maintaining active talents. You can also change some strategies after reviewing the actions taken. The iQneiform team is ready to help you in this field and recruit talent or perform human labor transfer tasks.

What you Need to Know About Talent Retention

Recruiting and retaining talent is one of the things that organizations always face. Talent retention is one of the essential measures that organizations need. Using modern talent retention methods can help organizations achieve their goals and vision. But there are still organizations that still need to understand the importance of Talent Retention. Talent Retention helps organizations in several ways. In addition to keeping New Talents in the organization, talent retention also plays a vital role in searching for new employees and motivating employees. Paying attention to Talent Retention strategies will not only save employees but also increase the income of organizations. The main goal of retaining talented employees is to reduce financial costs and improve the organization's revenues. Some researches show that there are several significant factors to retain employees; These factors include paying attention to the culture of people and the organization, appreciation in the workplace, providing practical benefits, continuous training, creating an attractive work environment, and aligning with the organization's missions and goals.

Finland is one of the countries that has acted very powerfully in the field of Talent Retention and protects the talented workforce in active organizations. iQneiform helps organizations and individuals easily attract and retain talent and brings the organization closer to its long-term goals and strategies. Also, as businesses get closer to the intended purposes and plans, countries will progress, and this issue will influence the growth and development of all people. Suppose your organization is faced with an abundance of competitors. In that case, the complexity of the process, issues related to the recruitment of a talented international workforce, obtaining visas, lack of knowledge of talent recruitment channels, misunderstanding of the organization's needs, and similar issues, the iQneiform team can provide you with the best service. Also, if you need to gain Talent Retention experience or want to work in this field as an expert, contact our experts. It is interesting to know that the program can be implemented for all organizations. Large companies, small companies, and international organizations benefit from these measures, and Talent Retention will grow their business.


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